Three Areas Shailesh Dash Sees as Key to MENA’s Future Growth

There is little doubt among the world’s top investment experts that the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, is a place of particular potential for growth. Specialists like Shailesh Dash have been making this case for a long time, and a look at the areas they regularly find most enticing could be revealing.

A Region Poised for Broad Growth, with Particular Potential in Several Places

While most experts expect that general, broad-based growth will buoy MENA in the coming years, there are certain industries that regularly attract the most attention. Economists and investment experts consistently highlight the following areas as those that are likely to grow most quickly in the coming years:

  • Healthcare. Compared particularly to places boasting similar levels of per-capita GDP, many MENA countries are still fairly lacking in healthcare infrastructure. Historically, the wealthiest residents of MENA nations have gone abroad for advanced medical treatments, but that is starting to become a good deal less necessary. At the same time, many more people than in the past can afford basic medical services for themselves and their families, and catering to this increasing level of demand will require significant development, as well. For these reasons and related ones, the healthcare industry seems to many experts like one of the best ways to invest in MENA at the present time.
  • Education. An analogous type of development is now occurring with regard to advanced education. Once again, wealthy families in the region have traditionally sent their younger members elsewhere to round out their educational careers. In recent years, a number of ambitious initiatives have sought to make this less of a necessity, and momentum is still building.
  • Logistics. Consumerism has yet to take hold in MENA to the extent it has across much of the rest of the world. As expectations regarding material well-being continue to rise, however, supporting industries will play an important role in responding. Logistics therefore seems to many experts like another future MENA bright spot.

Supporting MENA as It Works Toward an Even More Promising Future

Investors who learn about the opportunities to be found in these areas and others can count on enjoying MENA’s future success in personally satisfying ways. Learning about this increasingly important region and where best to invest there can easily pay off.