The Top Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Havana, Cuba

As a matter of fact, one of the known tourist destinations that happen to be well known and is open to all tourists even from the United States is Cuba. As you plan for the tours taking you to Cuba, there are basically some facts and things that you need to be knowing of as you get down for your tours. These tips will serve to assure you of having such a great time as you tour Cuba.

One thing that is so important that you need to know of is that in Cuba there are two kinds of currencies. Cuba has two kinds of currency. The currencies are the CUP and he CUC. The CUP is the peso, the currency that is used by most Cubans for their transactions and the CUC is the currency that is linked to the American dollar and it is the currency that is used by tourists majorly. As such you need to ensure that all your transactions are with the CUC currency and for any change, you should as well get them in CUC currency. As you plan your travels to Cuba, you need to as well be aware of the fact that you will not be able to use credit and debit cards from banks based in the US. This affects even the other credit cards from the other banks as there are not many of the places that accept cards. Therefore you may just realize that for the travels you may have to carry with you all your money in cash.

One other concern that you need to know of when planning a tour of Cuba is the travels and the need that comes with this. By and large, cars seem to be a rarity in Cuba in relation to the population there is in it. By and large, Cuba has not as many cars as compared to the population there is in it and as such for travels, you may have to pay a fair figure for the needs anyway. To help with this, it may be wise for you to consider planning ahead of time with your hotel or casa being of great help in this regard. In case you are planning for a tour that will be taking you out of Havana, there are some few alternatives that you may go for. Some of these alternatives that you may have when looking forward to such options for getting around Havana are like hiring a private car, renting a car, buying an all-inclusive tour and going for the taxi collectivo. Or better still get on a tourist-only Viazul bus.

Like it is with accommodation, when it comes to foods and eating, you can as well choose to go for the private eateries or use the government establishments. But generally, it has been noted that a number of the tourists have had the opinion of going for the private eateries instead.

Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea

Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea