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Main Types of Packaging

The art and technology of wrapping goods for easy storage, distribution, handling, and selling is known as packaging. The process of coming up with packages is also known as packaging. A package contains package labeling which is the information about the product on the inside. Package labeling is any kind of electronic, graphical and written messages on the package. Packaging keeps away air and dust, facilitates easy handling of products, facilitates marketing and advertising, offers security and provides convenience in the opening, closing and dispensing products. Packages are supposed to be made of materials which can be recycled such as plastic. These are the various types of packaging.

The first type of packaging is the resealable packaging. A resealable package enables a consumer to close the package after use. A products in a resealable packaging can neither go bad nor spill out. The resealable packages are reclosed by the use of adhesive tapes, screw caps, hooks, lids, plastic wraps and twist ties. A resealable package can be used in other ways after the product is exhausted which reduces waste.

Another method of packaging is the stand-up pouch. The stand-up pouches have the ability to stand up on their own. The stand-up pouch packaging is favorable for liquids, food items, and solids. This type of packaging occupies reduced space therefore convenient for storage and handling. A stand-up pouch may be clear or laminated. In order to facilitate viewing of the product, the laminated stand-up pouch should have a clear part.

Another type of packaging is the custom packaging. This is any type of packaging which has been made according to the needs of the client. Logos, images, dimensions and measurements, colors, shape, and the package labeling are some personalized features of the custom packaging. The custom packaging are mostly used in packaging gifts. Today, the design of the custom packaging is done by the use of computer software.

The fourth type of packaging is the aluminum foil packaging. Food materials packaged inside the aluminum foil are free from dust, moisture, light, and odor. Foods in aluminum foil heat up faster compared to those not in aluminum foil.

The fifth type of packaging is the vacuum packaging. An empty space is refereed t as a vacuum. Perishable products are supposed to be packaged inside the vacuum packaging. In the vacuum packaging, there is no air or moisture, therefore, inhibiting the survival of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Vacuum packaging facilitates storage and use of perishable goods for long.

The last packaging we shall look at is the polybag packaging. This is a packaging made of a thin plastic material. Poly bags is the widely used method of packaging. The polythene bags are recyclable.

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